Your Life Doesn't End When Trauma Begins



Resilient Family Wellness LLC offers services to help you overcome trauma, anger, life’s circumstances and unresolved issues hindering you or your family from living the happy life you deserve.

WHAP is a non-profit organization that focuses on the increasing number of youths that are at a loss of direction, engaging in risky activities, or are already involved in the juvenile justice system. 

Imperfectly Perfect Three Steps on The Parenthood Journey, was published in April 2020 to assist parents with focusing on the PARENT in PARENTing. The book has served apart of a curriculum for parent coaching, workshops and courses.

Resilience Over Regret

Growing up Tiesha was faced with many unfortunate situations; molestation, pregnant at 13,
parents divorced and homelessness all before turning 18.
Being the resilient person she is, none of that stopped what was destined for her.
She went on to graduate high school in the top 10 percent of her class, continuing
to receive her college degrees.
Looking for love in the wrong place she had more “situationships” and heartbreak than she
deserved. However, she never gave up on love. It was her relationship with God and the support
of her family that kept her.
Through it all Tiesha chose to be resilient and not regret the curveballs she was thrown in life.

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